Zone 1 Delv of Hardwood LogsZone 1 Delv of Hardwood LogsZone 1 Delv of Hardwood LogsZone 1 Delv of Hardwood LogsZone 1 Delv of Hardwood Logs

Zone 1 Delv of Hardwood Logs

List Price: £199.99

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2m³ of partly seasoned, air dried hardwood logs that includes delivery to zone one (please refer to our Firewood Zone Map either in-store or online).

Sourced mainly from our woodland, these hardwood logs are perfect for stoves and oven fires, and will burn with a higher calorific value than our softwood logs.

As we cannot guarantee that all of our partially seasoned logs have a moisture content of less than 20%, these logs will require further seasoning*. We recommend using our specifically designed log stores to further season your firewood. We recommend dry storage and good stacking with ventilation as this helps the logs to continue to dry and season so that when it comes to burning, your logs are burning as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As part of the production process, a number of smaller pieces may be mixed in with the logs. Most of our customers find these idela to help light their fires!

*01/05/21 - The new Air Quality Regulations require suppliers of small volumes of firewood to ensure that the timber has a moisture content of 20% or less and that larger loads, in excess of 2m³, are supplied with advice on how to store the logs in such a way that their moisture content is reduced sufficiently before burning.