The Clean-air Initiative – Backing the Ban on Wet Wood

The Clean-air Initiative – Backing the Ban on Wet Wood

Many people were shocked to hear that one of the major factors contributing to particulate pollution and poor air quality was domestic wood burning stoves. In particular, stoves and open fires burning what is called wet wood, which then leads to pollution as steam is released during burning.

As a business, we are proud of our sustainable timber product and our commitment to energy efficiency and recycling. So, we are delighted to reassure our customers that our range of firewood logs are either air- dried for two years, or kiln- dried before sale, with moisture contents as low as 16 percent with an even more impressive 6 percent for our briquettes.

Nothing beats the glow and cosy warmth of a real fire and a modern, efficient stove. Burning well-seasoned firewood logs is a pleasure we hope our customers can look forward to, well into the future.

Kiln Dried hardwood. Earnshaws Fencing Centres

Our range of firewood, logs, kindling and fuels is made up of the following types: Kiln-dried hardwood logs, air-dried hardwood logs and air-dried softwood logs. We also sell air-dried firewood offcuts, which are a mix of sizes created from our joinery workshop and kindling, which is split air-dried softwood joinery timber.

In addition to this range of firewood options, we also stock firelighters, coal, smokeless fuel, indoor and outdoor log stores, as well as fireside accessories, coal buckets and fire guards.

Fireside Accessories at earnshaws fencing centre

If you have any queries about which firewood is right for you and your fire, come and see us at Midgley, Wentworth or Brigg, our staff will be more than happy to help.

Posted by Earnshaws on 04-Feb-2019