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The Evolution of Earnshaws

The business today, which was founded in 1860, carries the name of Job Earnshaw, who worked falls of timber in the local area near Wakefield Soon his brothers joined him in the venture, and a small sawmill was built on the Midgely site, producing parts for horse-drawn carts, gates, fence posts, rails and various items used in agriculture.

The company is still owned and managed by descendants of the founders and we still maintain the same service tradition that was so important in the 1860s. While the company has adapted and changed over the years we have built on those years of experience to be true experts in our field.


The Earnshaw Family Tree

Earnshaws Family Tree

The Earnshaws Today

Daniel Earnshaw

Daniel Earnshaw

Director, Head of Retail, Sales, Logistics and Marketing

Peter Earnshaw

Peter Earnshaw

Director, Head of Forestry and Infrastructure

John Earnshaw

John Earnshaw

Director, CEO, Head of Finance, IT and Administration

150 Years

Many of the products we sell today are still made by hand in our workshops where quality and durability are second nature.