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At Earnshaws we have been all about Timber for generations and our stock sawn timber range is one of the most comprehensive you will find.

Starting back in 1860 Job Earnshaw worked falls of timber near Wakefield, founding a small sawmill at Midgley, and from that day on we’ve produced and used timber for a wide range of uses in industry, agriculture and fencing. You could say sawdust is in our blood.

While the company has adapted and changed over the years we have built on those years of experience to be true experts in our field.

From stock, we supply a wide range of sawn timber products including fence posts, sleepers, pales, featheredge boards, rails, timber cladding and structurally graded material. We also offer larger section beam timbers for architectural use and bespoke runs of sawn timber to ensure we can fulfil your exact requirements.

Our timber range includes both hardwood and softwood. The characteristics of each type vary in appearance, density and workability depending on its physical makeup. For specific requirements, our sales desk at Midgley is the perfect place for help.

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Softwood timber comes from tree species with needle type leaves and cones. Softwoods account for about 80% of the world’s production of timber and are the most commonly used timber due to the good value, availability and mostly from sustainably managed forests. They are less dense and easier to work with than most hardwoods. We will saw from a mix of softwood species to suit the specific section and the vast majority of the material in stock at the Fencing Centre is fresh sawn softwood.

At Earnshaws we supply most of our softwood pressure treated, often via our own tanks at Midgley, which ensures a long lifespan when using the material outside and particularly when the material has ground contact.

To complement our wide range of sawn softwood products we also supply a range of planed material for those projects that need a better smoother finish. Most of these planed materials will have been kiln dried before treatment to ensure a high quality product.


Hardwood timber comes from slower growing deciduous species which have a denser grain than softwood species from which the term hardwood derives. Hardwood offers superior durability, easy maintenance, and formidable strength. The majority of our sawn sales are in Oak though we can supply most native hardwoods to order for specific requirements. Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Yew and Chestnut are just some of the material we are asked for though we do at times also supply ‘tropical’ hardwoods for specific projects.

The vast majority of our Hardwood ranges are cut from the round to suit your requirements. We can cut sizes upto 6 metres long and sections of 500mm square are not uncommon, normal projects include architectural beams, structural timbers, oak gateposts and industrial specials. We will however keep some stock material at Midgley so it is often worth a call to the sales team if you are needing a piece immediately.

If you would like more details about our extensive range of timber products, please visit one of our fencing centres at Midgley near Wakefield, Brigg in North Lincolnshire or Wentworth between Rotherham and Barnsley, or give our friendly sales and advice team a call on 01924 830055 to ask any questions you have. We are always more than happy to help.

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