April In Your Garden

Here is our round-up of news, top tips and ideas for the month of April!

Spring has officially sprung! April is typically a busy month in the garden, as the new growing season has begun.

There’s plenty to do to keep your green fingers occupied in the garden this month!



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April garden checklist

Make the most of longer April days by getting your garden ready for plenty of sowing and growing during the warmer months ahead.

Here are some important garden jobs for April:

Undertake the first garden mow of the year! – After a few months of slow growth, April sees the return of this familiar garden ritual. Remember to clear away any dead leaves and debris before doing so. If you can, leave a section of your garden completely alone to benefit your local wildlife!

Stock up on annual plants – Prepare gorgeous summer displays by purchasing annual plants such as geraniums and petunias that are perfect for summer bedding and vibrant hanging basket displays. Visit our Midgley centre to view our range of flower seeds.

Get your flower beds ready for growing – Dig a layer of compost or manure into your flower beds in preparation for the growing season.

Deadhead spring bulbs – Continue to deadhead spring bulbs at the end of their growing period, so that they do not waste energy setting seed.

Clean your patio and decking – Ensure you can make the most of your outdoor space this spring by cleaning your patio and decking with a stiff broom and hose or a pressure washer.



Gardens of the year competition 2024

This year’s BBC Gardeners World Gardens of the Year competition is now open for entries – do you think your garden has what it takes to win?

They are looking for gardens of all shapes and sizes from across the UK, no garden is too small – previous finalists have included tiny urban balconies!

Your garden could be featured in BBC Gardeners World Magazine!

Discover how to enter here.



What to sow and grow in April

Tomatoes – Sow tomato seeds indoors. These can be planted outside once all risk of frost has ceased.

Broad Beans – Sow these directly into the ground. This will result in a fantastic summer crop between July and August.

Cauliflower – Sow cauliflower seeds outside towards the end of this month. Cauliflowers do best in very fertile soil, and require plentiful watering.

Courgettes – Sow courgette seeds indoors. When seedlings appear, move the stronger ones to bigger pots and dispose of any weaker seedlings. They will be ready to plant outside in late spring.

Second-early and Maincrop Potatoes – Second-earlies, or new potatoes, will be ready to harvest in July or August if planted now, and are best eaten fresh as they do not store for long. Maincrop potatoes, which are ideal for baking, roasting and mashing, will be ready to harvest from August to October and can be stored for a few months.

Garlic and Onions – Extend the cropping period of garlic and onions by planting in small batches every few weeks.



“what to harvest in April

Beetroot is full of antioxidants and can be sown until July and harvested until October.

Tomatoes should be sown indoors between February and April and need to be watered generously and regularly. Harvest your tomatoes between July and October.

Strawberries can be sown in March and April. For an earlier crop, it is best to grow your strawberries in pots in an unheated greenhouse or, if outside, covered with cloches.

Carrots should be sown under cover in March and should only need to be watered if the foliage shows signs of wilting. Harvest around 3-4 month after sowing.

Broad beans, packed with iron and potassium, can be planted until May and should be harvested towards the end of summer, around September.

Second early potatoes can be planted in beds once the soil is no longer cold, for harvests in July and August.



“April book of the month 2024

Drawn to the Garden by Caroline Quentin

Find solace in your outdoor space in this delightful horticultural journey with actress Caroline Quentin, as she draws on her life-long passion for gardening.
Available from Amazon here.



“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”

– William Shakespeare