The original Stocksmoor Road site in the 1950s

It’s 20 years since we relocated from our original location on Stocksmoor Road to our current position on the old Denby Grange Colliery site.

Since then, a new generation of Earnshaws have joined the business at Midgley and our other sites. We have continued to adapt our products and services to meet changing consumer trends; the digital revolution that has altered shopping habits forever.

Our core values of high quality timber garden products, fencing and landscaping materials, backed by years of experience, have not changed. The business is still run by the descendants of Job Earnshaw himself and he would undoubtedly still recognise it today. You can read more about the history of Earnshaws on our ‘About’ section.

We have our own “Earnshaws Museum” at the Midgley Centre, documenting the 150+ year history of our family business, so feel free to browse next time you visit!