Masonry joist hangers are an essential building and roofing tool and are often referred to as jiffy hangers. Designed to hold timber joists in place, they are indispensable for anchoring decking, floors, and ceilings.

Therefore, joist hangers are most frequently utilised in construction projects and to secure, wooden beams or joists. Often used in roofs, decking, floors and ceilings, joist hangers offer strong, long-lasting support.

Joist hangers also prolong the lifespan of any timber joists, to which they are attached. As wood will naturally twist and move over time, hangers provide long-term strength and rigidity.

Most often timber joist hangers fit over or under the edge of a timber beam, around three sides, attached with nails. A connecting plate on the joist hanger is fixed to the surrounding frame.

Significantly stronger than traditional nails or screws, joist hangers are simpler to fit and cost-effective due to their longevity. Joist hangers can also be welded, and attached to stonework as well as wood. They are well worth considering, even for small projects, given their cost-effectiveness.

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