earnshaws fencing centres gardening in june

In June the days are warmer and longer, flowers are blooming in the garden and it’s time to harvest any crops that have sprung up. To kick off the Summer, here are ten June Jobs to keep your garden fresh!


Stay cool

Shade greenhouses to keep them cool and prevent your plants from overheating. Open vents and doors on especially hot days.

Flower power

Prune many spring-flowering shrubs to maintain a good shape.

earnshaws fencing centres flowering shrubs

Feed the birds

Keep your bird feeders and bird baths topped up to encourage the birds to keep flocking to your garden.

Keep it Loose

Hoe your borders regularly to shallow cultivate the top crust of soil to loosen the compost and spread the nutrients and keep weeds under control.

Hanging out

Start hanging out summer hanging baskets and store your planters outside to make the most of the fine weather.

earnshaws fencing centres hanging baskets

Working up a thirst

Check all plants daily, water where the soil feels dry, especially with the freshly planted.

 Pick your peas

Begin to pick any sweet peas as soon as they flower to encourage plenty more blooms.

Eat your greens

Harvest lettuces, radishes and early potatoes, these will usually be ready around ten weeks after planting.

Lovely lawns

Water your lawn regularly and mow once a week. Use insect repellent on faded or soft, spongey patches of lawn.

earnshaws fencing centres mowing lawns

Lease of life

On damp, dull days give your indoor plants, hanging baskets and fruiting plants such as tomatoes and strawberries a boost with some liquid fertiliser.

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Let’s keep our gardens growing!