National Hedgehog Day

February 2nd is National Hedgehog Day - here’s how you can help protect them!

Hedgehogs are great for your garden, because they help keep unwanted insects at bay! It’s currently hibernation season for hedgehogs in the UK, and our spiky little friends are growing increasingly endangered – but there’s always plenty that can be done to protect them.

Take a look at some of our top tips below:

Create a log pile – Log piles provide shelter for insects and, therefore, make the perfect foraging place for hedgehogs. Create your log pile in a shady area of the garden, replenishing the logs every now and again as the wood begins to rot down.

Add variety to your garden – Having a mixture of plants, shrubs and trees in your garden may be a long-term strategy but it aids massively in provided shelter and food for hedgehogs and a variety of other animal species.

Create a wildlife pond – Don’t let the word “pond” be a worry, as you can simply use a shallow container or a water-tight structure like a sink in order to create a pleasant drinking place for hedgehogs. Plants will colonise here naturally, and rainwater can be used to fill it up!

Create a compost heap – Compost heaps are rife with worms, slugs and earwigs which provide essential sustenance for hedgehogs. Build your compost heap on soil rather than solid ground to ensure easy access for these creepy crawlies.

Add a hedgehog home to your garden – Provide a safe place for hedgehogs to rest by placing a hedgehog home somewhere peaceful in your garden. View our range of animal houses here.

Earnshaws hedgehog house