All our centres stock ready to burn, kiln-dried logs, as well as solid fuels and coals.

As of 01/05/2021, the Government introduced new domestic fuel use regulations.

From that date, we changed the way we supply firewood to comply with the new regulations, which aim to improve air quality.

These regulations have impacted domestic fuel use by limiting which fuels can be supplied for burning in the home.

It is well-known that burning wet wood produces more smoke than burning dry logs. This smoke is made up of particulates that coat the inside of chimneys and escape into the atmosphere, reducing air quality and causing health issues in some individuals. Chimneys with significant soot build-up also present fire risks and need more regular sweeping. Furthermore, wet wood produces less heat and can be difficult to light.

The new Air Quality Regulations require suppliers of small volumes of firewood to ensure that the timber has a moisture content of 20% or less and that larger loads, in excess of 2m3, are supplied with advice on how to store the logs in such a way that their moisture content is reduced sufficiently before burning.

In order to adhere to these changes, we are offering kiln-dried hardwood logs in nets and partially seasoned firewood in large loose loads (approx 2m³) either for collection or delivery.

The kiln dried logs are available in any quantity of nets, with multi-buy offers available for larger purchases.
There is no upper limit on the number of nets that can be purchased.

Partially seasoned logs can be collected or delivered in loads of more than 2m3. These loads will have
instructions for seasoning techniques included with the paperwork.

The new regulations bring many benefits, both for the individual and the wider population. We are confident that our firewood offering will continue to give our customers fires which are easy to light and give out a generous amount of heat, while producing little smoke and maintaining good value for money.

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