Prepare, Plan and Protect in your November Garden

  Winter is on its way, it’s time to get your garden ready for the colder months ahead. Here are our top November gardening tasks to guarantee a glorious garden next year.

water butts, november gardening tasks

Harvest the rainwater

Clean out your water butt so the inevitable autumn showers can be harvested.

Timely tulips

Tulips bring a fantastic display of colour to your spring garden, plant tulip bulbs now to guarantee flowering next year.

Leaf gathering

Rake and brush leaves off your grass and store in a leaf bag, this will eventually break down into leaf mould, perfect for improving soil structure in spring.

bird feeders, november gardening tips

Feeding feathered friends

Stock up on bird feed, nest boxes and feeders to keep the birds happy over winter.

Mulch and manure

Spread fresh manure and mulch over the surface of your beds to rot over winter, creating perfect growing conditions for next year.

harvested veg in autumnHarvest the veg

Root vegetables should all be dug up by now, harvest any remaining carrots, turnips and potatoes before they spoil.

Care for fragile plants

The more fragile plants will not survive outside through winter, take them indoors or rehouse them in your greenhouse to keep them safe.

 Cut back the perennials

Tidy up and trim back your perennials close to the ground, improving the look of your border and exposing any weeds lurking underneath.

planting garlic, november gardening tips

Gorgeous garlic

Autumn is the perfect time to plant garlic, the cold weather will improve bulb growth and it will have all winter to ripen.

Plan and prepare

Start to plan your garden for next year, order plants and seeds early to avoid missing out.