Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone 300 x 300Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone 300 x 300Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone 300 x 300

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone 300 x 300

List Price: £3.99

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Of all the sandstone's, Kandla Grey is the most contemporary, being very consistent in colour. It is popular with those who prefer not too much variation and is one of the most popular products in today's market.

It is a gentle, blue-grey colour with occasional beige shadings that appear. Kandla Grey is available in three individual single sizes, whilst also being available in our ever-popular RF7 Project Pack which offers a mixed pack of flags for laying random designs.

Of all the sandstone paving types we offer, Kandla Grey is one of our most popular - and it's not hard to see why. Not only does it provide a subtle and contemporary feel to your living space, it also offers only slight variations in colour. This means you get a beautiful consistent finish, but with just the occasional beige shadings appearing amongst the gentle, blue-grey colour.

Thanks to its attractive modern-meets-classic style, our ethically sourced Kandla Grey Sandstone paving is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor areas. From patios and driveways to paths or garden features, Kandla grey sandstone is not only versatile, but it looks great too!

Each paving slab is also expertly hand-cut to give a stunning quality and texture which only adds to its character and charm. Plus, it's very easy to maintain and extremely durable meaning it can withstand even the worst of the Great British weather!