Protek Shed & Fence Pale Green 5L

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Shed and fence stain - Pale Green

A pale green shade to match the colour of timber treated with preservatives. Shed and Fence paint is low in odour and VOCs, and when dry, is harmless to pets and plants. Easily applied by sprayer or brush, it offers great coverage of up to 12m2per litre. Black Shed & Fence Stain contains wax additives providing a water resistant coating that also protects against fungal and algal attack.

Protek Shed & Fence wood stain is available in many attractive and natural looking colours that can be applied using a brush or a low pressure pump up garden sprayer. Shed & Fence is an economical wood stain offering great coverage at up to 12m2 per litre per coat.

Ideal for: Fencing, Sheds, Trellis, Pergolas, Planters, Kennels, Coups, Aviaries, Catteries.

Features: Water resistant, easy water clean-up, environmentally considerate, pet and plant friendly, mould resistant coating, algal protection, natural looking matt finish, light, quick drying, low odour, low VOC, great coverage, suitable for rough sawn timber or planed timber.