Protek Stable Coat Dark Brown 5L

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Stable coat - Dark Brown

This strong dark brown treatment will cover over any existing colours and tie in any new buildings or repairs to give a uniform and elegant finish. Protek Stable Coat has been specifically formulated for the exterior treatment of timber stables. A high quality treatment that is easy to apply either by a brush, roller or sprayer so large areas may be treated quickly and economically.

Stable Coat is easy to apply and designed for use on old or new stables. It is low in odour and has a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content. The unique formulation has been designed to give a quick drying thin one coat application leaving a traditional finish, that is peel and crack resistant.

Protek Stable coat is available in three traditional colours, Golden Brown, Dark Brown and the dramatic Black. Protek Stable Coat is also available in a Clear.

Ideal for: Stables, Rabbit Hutches, Chicken Coups, Turkey Sheds, Kennels, Animal Housing, Garden Sheds, Summerhouses.

Features: Water based, high water repellence, pet and plant friendly, mould resistant coating, quick drying, low odour and low VOC, great coverage, natural stain finish with slight sheen, easy water clean-up