Rippon Indian Sandstone 600 x 300Rippon Indian Sandstone 600 x 300Rippon Indian Sandstone 600 x 300

Rippon Indian Sandstone 600 x 300

List Price: £6.99

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For a really multicoloured paving style, then we have a few options namely, Rippon. Rippon is an attractive mix of colours set against a buff background, often having striking veining through its blend.

Rippon paving is available in three single sizes, as well as being available in our ever-popular RF7 Project Pack which offers a mixed pack of flags for laying random designs.

A natural sandstone that is quarried in India, there is a special beauty about Rippon. As no piece is exactly the same, sandstone is a unique product that reflects the earth in its simplest form. Sandstone is a sedimentary stone that has formed over many years under the earths surface. Sandstone is very handsome and hard wearing, ideal for the use on a patio and also a driveway.