Thompsons Emergency Instant Repair

Thompsons Emergency Instant Repair

List Price: £9.99

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Our Emergency Instant Repair Aerosol is ideal when making repairs to leaking gutters and downpipes in hard to reach areas. It also includes a scrim bandage for use with deeper cracks and repairs.

Prep: Give the surface a scrub with a stiff bristle brush to get rid of any dust, dirt or algae. Give the area of repair a light sand.

Application: Give the can a really good shake until you can hear the mixing balls starting to rattle. Continue to shake the tin for a further minute.

For small cracks & holes: Hold the aerosol 45-60cm away from the area of repair. Spray until the whole area is covered.
For larger areas of repair: Use the scrim bandage to reinforce the repair. Spray a first coat over the damaged area. Embed the bandage into the coating and apply atleast 3 more heavy coats.

Cleaning: Hold the can upside down and spray for 3 seconds to clear the nozzle.

Drying Time: Instant (48 hours when painting over)
Colours: Black