Sustainability - Earnshaws Fencing Centres

Here at Earnshaws Fencing Centres, we enjoy nothing more than working with timber. Wood is a naturally beautiful material, adding character and warmth to any home. But even better, it’s also a renewable and sustainable natural product.

Sustainable HarvestingIt is no secret that we are all about sustainability, so we have been doing our bit for the environment this week – take a look at the photos below!

Our team has been working hard to thin out our woodlands in West Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire SustainabilityThinning out a plantation provides stronger trees with the room they need to grow and also allows more sunlight into the area.

In addition, thinning out encourages the shrub layer to develop, which improves the overall conservation value of a woodland.


Christmas Trees West YorkshireWe believe that if you take something from the environment, you should give something back.

With this in mind, we have been planting lots of tiny Christmas Trees this week.

The trees will be ready for harvesting in 6 years – so they will see the bright lights of Christmas in 2021!