Butterfly count results

The Big Butterfly Count 2023 results are in!

This year the Butterfly Conservation charity Butterfly Count recorded more than 1.5 million butterflies and day-flying moths between 14 July and 6 August 2023. The most frequently recorded species was the easily recognisable Red Admiral, with 248,077 spotted during the count. Sadly, the count revealed a long-term decline in many species, with significant decreases since the count started 13 years ago.

Experts think that butterflies have benefited from the wet summer this year compared to the dry summer of 2022. Dr Richard Fox, head of science at Butterfly Conservation, said one of the biggest threats facing butterflies was habitat loss. “Butterflies need a place to live,” he said. “If they can feed, breed and shelter, they can thrive.”

Here are the results in brief:

Number of counts: 136,983

Number of citizen scientists: 115,803

Number of butterflies: 1,623,625


Top 5 Butterflies


1. Red Admiral 262,220

2. Gatekeeper 233,417

3. Large White 233,313

4. Small White 217,449

5. Meadow Brown 172,223