When does spring begin

Here at Earnshaws we are busily gearing up for Spring. Did you know there are actually two dates to choose from to mark the beginning of this joyful season?

In the meteorological calendar, the year is divided into four seasons of three months each, meaning the beginning of Spring falls on exactly the same day, 1st March and ends on 31st May every year.

The astronomical calendar is a little more complicated as it depends on the date of the Spring Equinox which refers to the position of the Earth in its orbit of the sun, meaning the date can vary each year. In this calendar, Spring then lasts until the Summer Solstice which will be 21st June this year, with the Spring Equinox falling on Wednesday 20th March.

For those of you who observe 1st March as the start of the new season, we hope you’re full of the joys of Spring tomorrow, for those who lean towards the Astronomical calendar, there’s not too long to wait!