Gardens provide vital refuges for hedgehogs.

Since 2000, around a third of the urban hedgehog population, and half of the rural population, has been lost.

With their usual refuges becoming increasingly inaccessible, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust suggest that gardens are more heavily relied upon by hedgehogs than ever before.
However, some garden fences can mean a hedgehog’s essential network of shelter and food sources is now lacking, so placing food, water and even a hedgehog house in your garden is incredibly beneficial.


Similarly, intensified agriculture and growing pesticide use has had a detrimental effect on insect numbers – the main food source for hedgehogs. As a result, hedgehogs are now dependent on accessible gardens with shelter and plenty of insects.

To see more of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s appeal and find out how you can help, visit https://www.ywt.org.uk/hedgehog