Choosing a Christmas tree

Find your perfect Christmas tree and choose a traditional wreath!

Make one of our locally grown, freshly cut, long lasting trees the star of the show this Christmas – all netted for easy transport!

Norway Spruce – the most traditional UK Christmas tree choice! Its full shape and dense branch structure make it ideal for covering with decorations! It also has a richer colour and stronger aroma than other species, so if a highlight of your Christmas is the fragrance of the tree in the front room, then the Spruce is for you. Care for your Norway Spruce by watering well and keeping away from radiators and fires.

Nordmann Fir – has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, in large part due to the good needle retention of the tree. The Nordmann Fir has a more open branch structure than the Spruce, a less vivid colour, and requires minimal maintenance. The needles tend to be a little softer than the Spruce, which is ideal if children like to get involved in the decorating! The Nordmann Fir is also a slower growing tree than the Spruce and less aromatic.

Take a look at our handy ‘How to choose your Christmas tree’ infographic!


The Little Acorn will be serving up some delicious seasonal treats – making Midgley the perfect place to shop for this year’s Christmas trees and traditional wreaths.

Pop down to Midgley this winter – Our trees are available from Saturday 25th November!