Gardening in November - Log Pile

Wildlife gardening can be very rewarding and it involves using a corner of your garden to make an inviting environment for wildlife. Britain’s 16 million gardens cover approximately 2 million acres which is potentially a lot of space to create these vital refuges and breeding grounds.

November is a good time to get involved and give nature a helping hand and here is a list of ideas:

  • Create a dead wood habitat for invertebrates to thrive on. Our firewood logs are perfect for this task
  • Keep bird feeders topped up all winter. Our Midgley centre stocks a range of loose & ready packed bird foods, along with feeders & nest boxes
  • Leave seed heads on plants like fennel and teasel for birds to feed on
  • Don’t cut ivy back as the pollen provides a source of nectar for late-flying insects
  • Plant up some crocuses to feed bumblebees in spring