Why choose wood briquettes?

Rather than being grown wood, wood briquettes are manufactured logs made of tightly compressed wood byproducts, like sawdust and wood shavings. They’re an environmentally responsible alternative to timber or coal, but that isn’t their only benefit.

Wood briquettes have a low moisture content (less than 6% for our briquettes) meaning they burn with less smoke than traditional wood. They also produce less ash and don’t spit or bark, making them great for open fires. Wood briquettes are a standardised size, giving a predictable burn. They’re also easy to store and handle.

Most importantly though, wood briquettes are a highly efficient fuel source. They burn for longer and produce more heat than logs, giving you more temperature for your money.

Wood briquettes for sale in the UK at Earnshaws

Visit us to see and pick up some hardwood briquette logs in person. Simply head to Midgley (between Huddersfield, Barnsley and Wakefield) or Brigg in North Lincolnshire, and we can help advise you on how to best use your briquettes and what amount you’ll need to buy.

If you need to place a larger and bulkier order, you can take advantage of the delivery service we offer from both our garden centres. Let us carry that load for you and deliver it exactly where you need it. For more delivery information, please speak to a member of our helpful staff at one of our garden centres.

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If you want to ask us any questions about our wood briquettes, or about our home delivery, please get in touch with our sales and advice team on 01924 830055.

You can also pay us a visit to speak to one of our friendly garden experts in person at our garden centres in Midgley (between Wakefield, Barnsley and Huddersfield) or Brigg in North Lincolnshire.