A To-do List for Your December Garden!

december gardening tasks

December is definitely one of the quieter gardening months, but even though winter has well and truly arrived, there are still plenty of gardening tasks which will prepare and protect your garden until Spring. Here are our top tips for gardening in December.

Safety in numbers

Group all your potted plants together in a sheltered part of your garden, to protect them from bitter weather.


Leaf clearing

Continue to clear any fallen leaves from your lawn, to make sure light gets to the grass and prevent dead patches from appearing. Store the leaves away in a compost bag, this will break down into leaf mulch to use on the garden later.

cleaning the deck with Earnshaws

On the decks, paths and patios

Scrub away slimy patches on your decking or paving with a broom or pressure washer and a little help from our Algon deck cleaner.


Water harvesting

Clean and maintain your water butt on a regular basis, to make the most of winter rainfall.


Mix it up

Turn and mix your compost heap to churn up the contents and speed up decomposition.

pruning the fruit trees with Earnshaws

Neat and tidy

Prune your fruit trees to neaten up the shape and guarantee a good crop next year.


Freshen up

Dig up and aerate empty borders and cover in fresh manure to prepare the soil for spring planting.

gravel in the garden with earnshaws


Spread new gravel and grit around alpine plants to protect the soil underneath and deter pests.


Clean the greenhouse

Clean out the greenhouse, scrub the windows to receive maximum sunlight, use pesticides on the plants to kill any pests and diseases.

painting timber with Earnshaws

Treat the timber

Protect your timber sheds, fences, furniture or trellis from weathering with a timber preservative.


Our three centres at Midgley, Wentworth and Brigg have everything you need to get your garden through winter, including leaf grabbers, brushes, deck cleaner, water butts, compost bins, aggregates, manure, pesticides, timber paints and preservatives.

Posted by Earnshaws on 01-Dec-2019