Feed the Birds

Bird House

Birds need our help more in winter than the warmer months. To encourage a regular stream of visitors to your garden we have a range of bird feeds, feeders, bird houses and bird tables in our Bird Care Ranges – but beware there may be more to feeding the birds than you thought.

Here are a few things to consider. Make sure your feeders or table are easily visible from a comfortable place – watching birds feed is part of the pleasure. Try to find a sheltered place so that the birds can feed comfortably. The ideal height for feeders is 5 – 6 ft above the ground. Don’t forget the all important water. Providing more than one feeder will increase the number and variety of birds that visit. Finally try to place feeders near cover so that shy birds can approach with caution and the braver ones can escape from cats and other animals looking for an easy meal.  One last tip, think about investing in a pair of binoculars!

Posted by Earnshaws on 13-Oct-2014