Foxgloves and Fairies at Bank Wood


As this picture shows, our woodland at Bank Wood near Emley, turned purple when mature trees destined for furniture frames and firewood were felled – providing the perfect conditions for foxgloves to flourish.

Foxgloves produce the familiar, tall purple flowers seen all over gardens and woodland in the UK. In commercial woodlands their seeds can lie dormant for years, springing into life when the mature timber is cleared and the area is flooded by sunlight .Read more

Children Beware

The Foxglove, Latin name, Digitalis Purpurea is poisonous despite being grown commercially for medicinal reasons and it’s advisable to dissuade children from getting too close.

Away with the Fairies 

The name Foxglove is believed to come from legends that claim fairies gave the flowers to foxes to use as gloves when they raided hen houses. Other explanations are that the name is derived from ‘folks love’, based on the idea that fairies loved the way the flowers provided protection. For that reason, children were advised not to play near foxgloves for fear of disturbing fairies.


Posted by Earnshaws on 15-Jul-2016