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bank vole

Its almost June once again which is the height of the mating season for the the smallest vole species in the UK, the bank vole. They can be as small as 8cm long and weigh as little as 15 grams, so spotting this cute furry friend isn’t always easy. Their red-brown coats and prominent ears make them look mouse-like, but don’t worry because these small mammals won’t be seen scampering through your home anytime soon!

Commonly found in woodland or thick undergrowth, the bank vole can also be seen in more abandoned spots where there is less human activity. Due to vulnerability from predators such as owls, kestrels and weasels, the bank vole tries to remain hidden travelling along a system of worn routes through the undergrowth, or shallow tunnels just below the surface. The best chances of seeing them can often be before dawn or just after dusk which is when they are most active.

Did you know?

  • Bank voles are mostly vegetarian with a diet of seeds, nuts and berries.
  • Not only good climbers, bank voles are great swimmers often crossing wide stretches of water.
  • The home of the bank vole consists of shallow underground tunnels covering upto 40 meters in diamteter.
  • The bank vole has a short life expectancy from only a few months upto two years.

We love our bank voles at Earnshaws Fencing Centres and we hope you do too!

Posted by Earnshaws on 26-May-2015