How to feed our feathered friends this winter

Feeding birds in the winter

During the wintertime, wild birds rely heavily on the supplementary foods that we leave out for them. To help protect our feathered friends, we are here to tell you how to safely feed wild birds in your garden this winter.

According to the RSPB, over half of UK adults regularly provide food for birds in their garden. If you are a regular feeder, you’ll more than likely be visited by starlings, sparrows, robins and blackbirds this winter. In wooded areas, you might even be lucky enough to spot a woodpecker, blackcap or long-tailed tit.

What should I feed birds in the winter?

By this time of year, wild animals will have eaten all of the autumn nuts and berries. It’s a good idea to leave out a birdseed mixture that contains plenty of nutrient-rich sunflower and nyjer seeds. Peanuts are also great for the winter as they provide essential fats and slow release energy.

Fat balls and bird cakes are ideal for wild birds. Not only do they provide plenty of energy, they won’t freeze too quickly when the temperature drops. If you are making your own, it’s important to avoid using cooking fat or beef dripping as it will contain a harmful amount of salt and could become a breeding source for bacteria.

Balls and cakes are often supplied in nylon mesh bags. You must remember to remove this packaging before leaving them out, as they could get tangled around birds’ feet and beaks.

Don’t forget that all-important water! Regularly refill your bird bath to stop the spread of harmful diseases amongst species.

What’s the best way to feed birds in the winter?

The most efficient method of attracting visitors to your garden is by providing a sturdy bird table that is regularly stocked with food.

If you prefer to scatter food across your lawn, remember to spread it out to accommodate a flock of birds feeding at the same time. Avoid putting down too much food in one go, or you could end up attracting unwanted rodents.

Bird feeders are great for smaller visitors, and you can hang them from just about anywhere! Just remember to check that they are secure on a windy day.

Earnshaws Fencing Centres are stocked with everything you need to fully equip yourself for feeding this winter. Our range of natural timber bird boxes are sturdily made in-house to RSPB standards and our bird tables are the perfect height for feeding.

We also stock a range of bagged food mixes and a selection of feeders – just ask in store for details.

Posted by Earnshaws on 06-Nov-2015